About Us

Hey! We're LJ & Luke; power couple! We got married in July 2012 in Ballymena, Northern Ireland - where LJ's from - but now we live in Newport, South Wales - where Luke's from. In May 2019 our baby girl, Iona, joined the team; battle trio! She has the craziest sense of humour and finds the weirdest things funny - perhaps it's genetic? One day, she'll be old enough to protest having her photo taken, but until then... say, 'CHEESE,' sweetheart!

About LJ

Hey, I'm LJ (Lisa-Jane but that's a bit of a mouthful for most people) and I'm kind of into photography... and all things craft-related, cafes, supporting small business owners, being outside, and staring at the sky - because you know, you'll never see the same sky twice.

From the word go my parents always knew I'd end up doing something creative for a living. Art was my favourite subject right from the beginning. If I wasn't making my own candles or giving calligraphy a crack, I would be painting or playing around with pottery. I ended up moving to South Wales to study Fashion and Advertising Photography and fell in love, not just with the subject but also a local Newport lad! (that's Luke, just in case there was any doubt in your mind...)

I soon realised I loved working with and photographing people, so moving into wedding and portrait photography was a natural progression from my fashion/commercial work.

About Luke

As they say in my native Newport tongue, "Appenin', bruv!" As you've no doubt figured out, my name's Luke and I'm the video guy...

I'm all about storytelling; it's why I did a Masters in journalism. LJ had already trained me up to be a photographer and I've always been a half-way decent writer, so I thought, "Why not give journalism a crack?"

It was through my journalism training that I discovered my love for shooting and editing video. I quickly adopted it as my primary method of storytelling, and wouldn't you know it, I became pretty good at it!

My favourite part is the colour grading; getting a film to look just right. To give it that pop, that extra something... No! That extra everything. It's all part of the storytelling process, and in my opinion, it's one of the most important parts.