Based in Goa and leading the way as India's very first FairTrade fashion brand, No Nasties are one of our favourite clients to work with. What began as an online conversation and mutual appreciation of one another's work, turned into the creators of No Nasties jumping on a flight, staying in our home, and a couple of days of photographing and videoing their collection across a number of locations in Wales. 4 years on and we're still working together and have become firm friends. We'll manage to get across to Goa for a visit one of these days!

We had an absolute blast working on their latest 2020 collection and have been desperate to share it with you all! Inspired by the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, this Polka collection features No Nasties own original artwork of beautiful cotton flower pods, in the signature style of Yayoi's dots in colours & the silhouettes that are classic to No Nasties. These guys ship worldwide so you can grab some of their gorgeous designs for yourself!